July 2011

Auth-Florence is the leading commercial mailbox manufacturer in the United States.  With over seventy-five years of commercial mailbox, parts and accessories production experience, Auth-Florence offers the widest product line among all commercial mailbox manufacturers.

Because of its extensive industry experience, Auth-Florence has been the nation’s trendsetter in commercial mailbox innovation, and is the “yardstick” used by the USPS to measure its standards for approving cluster box units (CBUs) in the United States.

Also referred to as Auth, Cutler, Florence, Auth-Electric, and Florence Manufacturing, Auth-Florence is ISO 9001:2000 certified.  Leading the commercial mailbox industry in robotic welding, highest quality powder coating, and “green mentality” in its manufacturing practice.  Among its eco-friendly practices are recycling steel, aluminum and corrugate as well as reclaiming powder.

Setting commercial mailbox standards

Commercial mailbox standards have consistently been set by Auth-Florence’s cutting-edge, innovative design and manufacturing.  In 2005, the company’s long-term partnership with the USPS has distinctly gave them the honor of being the only approved supplier of F-series cluster box units (CBUs) in the country.

Auth-Florence is likewise the only manufacturer that meets strict USPS commercial mailbox standards for the provision of outdoor parcel lockers, replacement parts as well as pedestals to the USPS.

Auth-Florence received greater recognition in 2006 when they became the recipient of the prestigious USPS Supplier Excellence Award.

Auth Florence is best in class

In a 2008 USPS audit regarding standards for commercial mailbox suppliers and manufacturers, Auth-Florence was regarded as “one of the best in class”.

All these credentials and strong industry experience, backed up by a 5-year warranty on all commercial mailbox products, make Auth-Florence a sought after brand of USPS-approved commercial mailboxes.

The warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship.  Auth-Florence will provide repair of all defective units and/or factory replacement.  As with any other warranty program, it does not cover consumables, damage due to improper installation, misuse, mishandling, acts of nature and battery replacement.

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In an effort to accommodate customers by creating outdoor landscaping products sized suitable for shipping, Pinehill Woodcrafts has eliminated the largest of their Wishing Wells.  Budget Mailboxes has amended their product line to reflect the available products.

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In just over two decades, Bobi Mailboxes, from its humble beginnings in 1991, have become the most popular brand of residential mailboxes in Finland.  Invented by the Bobi Brothers in a coastal Nordic community in Vaasa, Finland, these mailboxes have come a long way since then.  These residential mailboxes are approved by the USPS for use in the United States.

The Bobi Brothers specifically designed their mailboxes to fight corrosion as they were in a coastal community where salty sea maritime factors and conditions are apparent.

The unique design of Bobi Mailboxes have the same appeal as those blue USPS curbside mailboxes for dropping off mail.

Bobi Mailboxes are high security mailboxes.

Each is constructed from a special galvanized coated steel material that isn’t only extremely durable but visually appealing as well.  The steel measures 1 millimeter thick and features double layers at the corners that provide additional protection against mail theft.

Each Bobi Residential Mailbox has an incoming mail delivery slot that accepts magazines, large envelopes and the likes without having to fold or bend them.  In the access door is a keyed cylinder that secures the mail fully, thus, mail and identity thefts are prevented.

Bobi Classic Residential Mailboxes

Bobi Residential Mailboxes are large and roomy enough to contain a week’s worth of mail.  This is ideal for times when homeowners are on vacation or out-of-town.

There are 4 wall mount mailbox configurations and 4 post mount mailbox choices available for Bobi Secure Mailboxes.  The two size options are large and classic while the two mail access gathering options are via the front or through the back.

The Bobi Classic Wall Mount Mailbox that feature Front Access is offered in five classic and beautiful colors – white, red, black, stainless steels and grey with stainless steel.

The Bobi Classic Wall Mount Mailbox that feature Rear Access is ideal for owners who opt to mount the mailbox in a fence.  The well-protected and secured rear access door allows mail retrieval by the homeowner without him or her leaving the fenced yard.

The Bobi Classic Post Mount Mailbox along with the Bobi Round Mailbox Post is a guaranteed head turner.  It enhances the curb appeal of any home.  The curved posts totally resembles the iconic curve every Bobi top has, to offer a unique and secured mount.

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HouseArt Mailboxes of Ginger Bartlett Finley is a unique contemporary mailbox design shop in a northern suburb of Detroit.  The shop is interestingly located across a parking lot of a skate park that is filled with pure fun and energy every single day.  This seemingly never-ending excitement mirrors the exuberant, cheerful modern lines of HouseArt Mailboxes.

HouseArt Mailboxes stays true to its mantra, “art follows function for your house”, as the contemporary style of their designer mailboxes beautifully matches any modern home.  Eye-catching metallic finishes make HouseArt Mailboxes the perfect companion of today’s contemporary home.

HouseArt’s modern residential post mounted and wall mount mailboxes are named after world-renowned artists such as Monet and DaVinci.  They are original designer mailboxes that give mail retrieval a wonderful new and meaningful experience.

DaVinci HouseArt Mailboxes

DaVinci by HouseArt Mailboxes is a modern post mounted mailbox that features a slightly sloping curved roof emphasized by four capped bolts that lift the roof approximately ¾-inch above the body of the mailbox.  These contemporary residential mailboxes have 21-inch long bodies and feature two easy-to-use access doors.  These offer “both sides” access and retrieval convenience for the homeowner.  Those residing along busy streets (or during snow drifts), the ability to access the mailbox from the yard or driveway is a safe haven and HouseArt’s DaVinci offers you this priceless convenience.

The DaVinci residential post mount mailbox is built from steel, accentuated with stainless steel hardware, and offered in three contemporary finishes – dark bronze powder coat that features a metallic “oil rubbed look”, satin black that features a smooth pudding sheen, and silver chrome that is a glossy silver powder coating and nicely resembles the sheen of contemporary stainless steel mailboxes.  They are available with or without a mailbox post.

The DaVinci mailbox post stands 43 inches and 5 inches in diameter.  It is designed to be installed over a standard 4 x 4 in-ground post.  The mailbox post is offered in powder coated stainless steel that matches the mailbox finish or a brushed stainless steel.

A newspaper holder that measures 5 inches in diameter is also available for all three finishes.

Monet HouseArt Mailboxes

Monet by HouseArt Mailboxes are modern wall mount mailboxes that feature a slightly sloped mailbox cap on top of an almost perfect one-foot square body.  The sloping mailbox cap lifts easily with the help of a centered stainless steel button, which makes mail retrieval and delivery quick and easy.

Monet modern wall mount mailboxes come in four beautiful powder-coat finishes – metallic bronze, satin black, matted textured rust and satin silver.  House number and doorbell buttons in matching finishes are also available.

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Multi mount post mounted mailboxes are ideal for suburban communities where neighborhood relationships are valued.  Many developers have now utilized these cost-efficient and easy-to-install residential mailboxes.

Up to five residential mailboxes can be placed on a single mailbox post, which makes these multi mount mailboxes the ultimate solution to mailbox needs of homeowners in a community.

Save up to 80% in installation costs with multi mount mailboxes as compared with buying individual mailbox posts.  Not only is installation cheaper but easier and faster as well.  Digging a single hole and a bag of cement are all you need to place one post for mounting five residential mailboxes.

Increased neighborhood bonding and camaraderie is also promoted with the use of multi mount mailboxes.  Homeowners checking their mail converge at the same place, thus, become more acquainted with one another.

The USPS also prefer residential multi mount mailboxes.  Postal carriers are able to deliver mail faster and easier because they make less stopovers along the mail route.  Even newspaper carriers benefit from these mailboxes as delivery are quicker and more savings are earned.

Group Mailboxes can Have Styles and Options

A huge variety of residential group mailboxes styles and options are available.  You can always find one that matches the design or architecture of your community or neighborhood.

Oasis multi mount mailboxes have a basic and highly-functional design.  They provide secured locking protection at an affordable price range.  Oasis mailboxes come in two large sizes.  They are offered with a standard mailbox posts, which can be ground-mounted or erected on a stand.  For some configurations, a deluxe post is also available.  These multi mount mailboxes can be placed in configurations of two, three or four mailboxes per post.

Gaines classic residential mailboxes come in double pedestal posts.  This makes two mailboxes mounted on a single post possible.  All options available for single mailboxes are also available for double pedestal posts.  This ensures that even when single mailbox units are used alongside dual mount mailboxes, uniformity of all mailboxes are maintained all over the neighborhood.

Two styles of multi mount mailboxes are offered by Gaines.  These are the Gaines decorative mailboxes and the Gaines decorative signature series mailboxes.  Both are offered in these three mounting options:  tri-mount, quad-mount and pentad-mount.  They include two posts for greater stability.  These multi mount mailboxes are available in single mount accents and colors, address plaque options, locking insert options, and curved braces for both posts.

Keystone residential mailboxes come in double pedestal posts and can be ordered with non-locking or locking mailboxes.  All options available for single mailboxes are likewise available for double deluxe mailbox posts ensuring neighborhood uniformity.

Coronado mailboxes are offered in multi mount configurations of two, three, or four mailboxes per post.  They can be configured with a standard mount post or a deluxe mount posts.  All configuration are possible to be matched and mixed according to neighborhood requirements.

Whitehall residential group mailboxes span from two to four mailboxes per post as per the required configuration.  Decorative posts provide options to choose a post cuff for a polished look of the unit’s base and to add newspapers holders, too.

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In this video the friendly people over at Lowes instruct us on how to install a mailbox.  Of course if you need to buy a mailbox, go over to customer service friendly BudgetMailboxes.com and they will assist you in finding  the perfect mailbox for your home.  In the below video you will see how to install a mailbox post and how to properly setup the mailbox so that it is  approved by the USPS.

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