August 2011

If you live in a multi-tenant apartment building, you know you can’t underestimate the importance of having a secured locking mailbox for your letters and parcels. You cannot risk important documents landing on the wrong hands. This is primarily the reason why apartment mailboxes are built tough and sturdy. They’re made from durable, high-quality aluminum with impenetrable locks that keep your mail safe and sound until such time that you retrieve them.

Cluster Mailboxes

Apartment mailboxes come in many shapes and sizes.

They include cluster mailboxes, vertical mailboxes, USPS-approved 4C horizontal mailboxes, and USPS-approved 4B horizontal mailboxes. A variety of apartment mailbox setups are also available such as duo setups, tri setups, and quad setups. Whatever your requirements are, there will always be an apartment mailbox that’s right for you.

Most apartment mailboxes can accommodate several days worth of letters and parcels including newspapers and magazines.

Even if you are not able to retrieve your mail on a daily basis, you have the assurance that your apartment mailbox is spacious enough to safely store your mail even when they pile up after several days.

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Complete the look of your Victorian home with nothing less than your very own Victorian Mailbox. What could be more aesthetically appealing than installing a complementing mailbox that goes along perfectly with your home’s architectural styling.

Victorian mailboxes come as surface mounted or wall mount units. A wide range of shapes, colors, and sizes are available.

Surface mounted Victorian mailboxes feature a mail flap made of brass. These mailboxes are approved for USPS residential mail delivery.

Wall mount Victorian mailboxes  feature an intricately made cast aluminum figure and a solid brass mail flap.

Victorian mailboxes have spacious mail compartments and have locking access doors with keys for superior mail security and protection.

Victorian mailboxes withstand all sorts of weather conditions and provide lasting years of service.

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Brick Mailboxes

by Home Mailbox Expert on August 29, 2011

Country style homes and even modern homes will aesthetically benefit from the attractive appearance of brick mailboxes.

Brick mailboxes exude a timeless appeal and because of their sturdy quality, they will surely give one’s home many years of service.

Brick Mailboxes

Mail security will not be an issue since brick mailboxes come in locking units that offer utmost protection against the harshest elements.

Column mailboxes, like brick mailboxes, feature the same durable construction and a variety of mailbox options that range from newspaper holders, choice of finishes, address plaques, address plates, and identification numbers.

Mail chests, mail package drops, high security wall mount mailboxes, curbside parcel locking mailboxes, tower mailboxes, and full service locking letterboxes are also widely available.

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Mini Storage Cabinets are typically found in schools, universities, colleges, government offices, building lobbies, and office stations. These storage cabinets are ideal for securing small valuable items and devices such as mobile phones, MP3s, GPS systems, tablet PCs, iPads, and other important gadgets and personal stuff.

Used as temporary storage in the abovementioned locations, mini storage cabinets offer a high level of security and protection.

Mini Storage Cabinets can be utilized for a wide range of purposes in a variety of applications.

Features of Mini Storage Cabinets

Mini Storage Cabinets are configurable from one to ten compartments high and two to six compartments wide. Clear plastic number slots are included for easy identification. Each unit has a five-pin cylinder cam lock with two keys.

Mini Storage Cabinets come in standard anodized aluminum finish. Nine powder-coat color options are also available.

Optional combination locks, spring-latch locks, engraved tabs for number slots, and lift-off or hinged rear covers are offered for mini storage cabinets.

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Letter Boxes

by Home Mailbox Expert on August 25, 2011

Letter boxes are either for private access or USPS delivery. Built from sheet and extruded aluminum, these letter boxes come in standard and slim sizes. Letter boxes can be recessed mounted or surface mounted.

Letter Box Salsbury Surface Mount and USPS Approved

Specifications of Letter Boxes

Standard and slim letter boxes are finished in a durable powder coat in five beautiful modern colors – brass, bronze, green, sandstone, and aluminum. Each letter box door is constructed of heavy-duty aluminum and is accessible from the front.

Letter box options include plexiglass windows, custom engraving, custom mail slots, commercial locks, and thumb latches.

Outdoor Letter Mailbox & Post, Private Use

Letter boxes are ideal for condominiums, commercial buildings, offices, apartments, and similar applications.

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Private Use Mailboxes offer you a superior way of managing your mail and packages.  These mailboxes can be used in applications not serviced by the USPS. More often than not, private use mailboxes are more cost-efficient than many USPS-approved mailboxes.

With private use mailboxes, the recipient is assured of reliability, privacy, and security.

Private use mailboxes are offered in a wide range of options.

Choose from a number of decorative finishes such as dark bronze, blonde gold, silver speck, antique copper, anodized aluminum, among many other beautiful colors. Door ID layouts and identification options are also available. Some private use mailboxes are prepared for USPS/Postal Use as well and these units are prepared for USPS arrow locks. Others are equipped with private master locks.

Private use mailboxes are grouped in combinations of doors or compartments.

Choose from 5, 6, or 7 compartment high and 3, 4, or 5 compartment wide units. All mailboxes have clear plastic number slots for easy identification. They also include integrated parcel lockers and mail collection boxes.

Private use mailboxes are ideal for multifamily apartment buildings, dormitories, offices, commercial buildings, and similar applications.

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