Apartment Mailboxes

by Home Mailbox Expert on August 31, 2011

If you live in a multi-tenant apartment building, you know you can’t underestimate the importance of having a secured locking mailbox for your letters and parcels. You cannot risk important documents landing on the wrong hands. This is primarily the reason why apartment mailboxes are built tough and sturdy. They’re made from durable, high-quality aluminum with impenetrable locks that keep your mail safe and sound until such time that you retrieve them.

Cluster Mailboxes

Apartment mailboxes come in many shapes and sizes.

They include cluster mailboxes, vertical mailboxes, USPS-approved 4C horizontal mailboxes, and USPS-approved 4B horizontal mailboxes. A variety of apartment mailbox setups are also available such as duo setups, tri setups, and quad setups. Whatever your requirements are, there will always be an apartment mailbox that’s right for you.

Most apartment mailboxes can accommodate several days worth of letters and parcels including newspapers and magazines.

Even if you are not able to retrieve your mail on a daily basis, you have the assurance that your apartment mailbox is spacious enough to safely store your mail even when they pile up after several days.

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