Architectural Oasis Locking Mailbox

by Mailbox Guru on January 19, 2010

Perfect for residents who receive small parcels and large pieces of mail on a frequent basis, the Oasis locking mailbox provides a protective environment in a clean, contemporary design.  Our one-of-a-kind, Patented Parcel Delivery door provides peace-of-mind in an age of increasing identity theft.


Constructed of sturdy, galvanized steel, this locking mailbox is built to withstand the elements. The delivery and access doors are equipped with weather tight seals to keep mail clean and dry. All parts of the locking mailbox are assembled after they are completely powder coated to protect against joint and seam corrosion. Every aspect of the locking mailbox was selected to provide security, durability and style.

Oasis Mailbox

Product Options

The Oasis locking mailbox is available in three product styles:

» Oasis
» Oasis Jr
» Oasis Drop Box
» Oasis Multiple Units

All of our Oasis products are available in multiple colors, including: black, pearl grey, sand, white, and bronze.  Custom lettering using a variety of colors, fonts and even custom artwork can be created and factory applied to all our locking mailboxes.

You can find more information about each of our Oasis locking mailbox options by clicking on the product name above.

Oasis Mailbox

Installation Options

The contemporary design makes the Oasis locking mailbox the perfect choice for masonry column installations. Mailboxes can be mounted inside or on top of a column and a detachable USPS approved red flag alert can be mounted outside of the column.

Oasis Mailbox

Multi-Home Installations

The Oasis locking mailbox can be mounted in multi-home applications on both our standard and decorative posts. The standard post can accommodate two to four of both mailbox sizes. The decorative post can only be used with the smaller locking mailbox in a double configuration.

Our locking mailbox is ideal for residential, commercial and municipal application. To purchase a locking mailbox today, Order online here at

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