by Mailbox Guru on December 22, 2009


5″H X 2″W
viewing mirror.
identification and
name plates.


(Hotel Model)
“H x 2″W
-way wide angle
viewing lens also
available with Fire
Rated Viewer.
Engraving optional.


5″H X 2″W
One-way wide
angle viewing
lens–also available
with Fire Rated
. Apartment
identification and
name plates.


21/4″H x 2″W
Economy chime
with name plate.
The Sound Of Pure
You can spend more, but you will never find a product that lasts longer and sounds better than a genuine Auth-Chime.
Time-proven design, the finest materials, and acoustically buffered strikepads work harmoniously to create a rich and distinctive two-note musical tone that is always pleasant to the ear.
We Set The Tone
For Quality Service
Individualized face-plates, range of finishes, special engraving, name tags and custom viewers are only a few of the extra services we offer.
We can also provide Auth-Chimes to replace out-of-date chimes from
competing manufacturers, thus reducing the need for costly door refinishing or replacement.

Opportunity May Knock
Only Once… But We Let
It Chime, Year After Year
It’s a savings opportunity that’s hard to ignore. For over a hundred years, property owners have relied on Auth-Chimes for high-quality, maintenance-free door enhancements. That’s why more architects and builders across the country choose our security chimes above all others. As we enter a new century, Auth-Chimes continue this proud tradition of exceptional design, unmatched durability and affordable elegance.
A Ringing Endorsement of your Taste.
Auth-Chimes look as good as they sound; and our new,
sleek cover design fits with any decor.
This new plastic cover and new base and mechanism will fit
any old Auth-Chime installation.
New cover design includes spring-activated sliding viewer.

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