Auth-Florence Commercial Mailboxes is favorite of USPS

by Home Mailbox Expert on July 31, 2011

Auth-Florence is the leading commercial mailbox manufacturer in the United States.  With over seventy-five years of commercial mailbox, parts and accessories production experience, Auth-Florence offers the widest product line among all commercial mailbox manufacturers.

Because of its extensive industry experience, Auth-Florence has been the nation’s trendsetter in commercial mailbox innovation, and is the “yardstick” used by the USPS to measure its standards for approving cluster box units (CBUs) in the United States.

Also referred to as Auth, Cutler, Florence, Auth-Electric, and Florence Manufacturing, Auth-Florence is ISO 9001:2000 certified.  Leading the commercial mailbox industry in robotic welding, highest quality powder coating, and “green mentality” in its manufacturing practice.  Among its eco-friendly practices are recycling steel, aluminum and corrugate as well as reclaiming powder.

Setting commercial mailbox standards

Commercial mailbox standards have consistently been set by Auth-Florence’s cutting-edge, innovative design and manufacturing.  In 2005, the company’s long-term partnership with the USPS has distinctly gave them the honor of being the only approved supplier of F-series cluster box units (CBUs) in the country.

Auth-Florence is likewise the only manufacturer that meets strict USPS commercial mailbox standards for the provision of outdoor parcel lockers, replacement parts as well as pedestals to the USPS.

Auth-Florence received greater recognition in 2006 when they became the recipient of the prestigious USPS Supplier Excellence Award.

Auth Florence is best in class

In a 2008 USPS audit regarding standards for commercial mailbox suppliers and manufacturers, Auth-Florence was regarded as “one of the best in class”.

All these credentials and strong industry experience, backed up by a 5-year warranty on all commercial mailbox products, make Auth-Florence a sought after brand of USPS-approved commercial mailboxes.

The warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship.  Auth-Florence will provide repair of all defective units and/or factory replacement.  As with any other warranty program, it does not cover consumables, damage due to improper installation, misuse, mishandling, acts of nature and battery replacement.

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