Hand carved granite holds solar-powered lights in these pathway lights from Outdoor Elementes.  The designs are taken right out of archaeological digs and represent some of Old Asia’s most heartfelt wishes for neighbors and friends. The granite ages gracefully in the weather and the solar light components can be replaced, should they ever wear out.

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New Novelty Mailboxes!

We have launched our biggest line of Novelty Mailboxes to date.  More Than A Mailbox is the manufacturer and they have a fun selection of novelty mailboxes.

In the genre of Animal Mailboxes we have following:

  • Parrot Mailboxes – brilliantly colorful
  • Toucan Mailboxes – with the classic Toucan bird’s beak
  • Pelican Mailboxes – an elegant white pelican
  • Brown Bear Mailboxes – a classic icon of the Californian Brown Bear
  • Polar Bear Mailboxes – simple and white
  • Bass Fish Mailboxes – the fish box is fun
  • Horse Mailboxes – a fine looking horse
  • Black Lab Mailboxes - a must for some dog lovers
  • Calico Cat Mailboxes – the cat is pretty cute
  • Dolphin Mailboxes - a staple mailbox for Florida residence
  • and many more Animal Mailboxes

Additionally we have new Transportation Mailboxes

  • Red Fire Truck Mailboxes – perfect for a fireman’s home
  • Tractor Mailboxes - if you miss your tractor you can have a tractor mailbox
  • Locomotive Mailboxes – a classic looking train mailbox
  • and many more

Lastly, More than a Mailbox is offering the Recreational Mailboxes

  • Golf Ball Mailboxes - fits in nicely for a home on a golf course
  • Golf Bag Mailboxes – never let your golf clubs out of site
  • Lighthouse Mailboxes – a peaceful looking mailbox

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It is truly rare to find that exceptional combination of Artisan and Entrepreneur.  Weaver Copper Design is just such a company.  Their copper mailboxes are artistic mailbox renditions of nature and sports and the key word here is art. Available in curbside, locking and non-locking vertical wall mount and locking horizontal, these mailboxes are a class act.

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Amco Mailboxes accurately depicts mailboxes from the Victorian and Colonial eras in pedestal style mailboxes, wallmount mailboxes and rural curbside mailboxes.  They recently added the New Orleans Rural Style mailbox to this fine collection of period-piece mailboxes.

With artistically rendered detailing and cast aluminum molding, these mailboxes perfectly replicate antique mailboxes.  The extra thick bodies and modern locking and door mechanisms mean these mailboxes will last for generations to come.

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In an effort to accommodate customers by creating outdoor landscaping products sized suitable for shipping, Pinehill Woodcrafts has eliminated the largest of their Wishing Wells.  Budget Mailboxes has amended their product line to reflect the available products.

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We have developed an entirely new category for these special mailboxes.  Now noted as “Novelty Mailboxes“ Pinehill Woodcraft’s  hand-carved residential curbside mailboxes are a delightfully creative addition to our mailbox collection. Artistic wooden figures and subject matter include skillfully created animals, automobiles, vans, and trains, among others.  We also offer yard shadows, planters and mailbox posts from Pinehill Woodcraft’s line, all at an affordable price.

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