Bobi Residential Mailboxes: Celebrating 20 Years of Class and Timeless Elegance

by Home Mailbox Expert on July 29, 2011

In just over two decades, Bobi Mailboxes, from its humble beginnings in 1991, have become the most popular brand of residential mailboxes in Finland.  Invented by the Bobi Brothers in a coastal Nordic community in Vaasa, Finland, these mailboxes have come a long way since then.  These residential mailboxes are approved by the USPS for use in the United States.

The Bobi Brothers specifically designed their mailboxes to fight corrosion as they were in a coastal community where salty sea maritime factors and conditions are apparent.

The unique design of Bobi Mailboxes have the same appeal as those blue USPS curbside mailboxes for dropping off mail.

Bobi Mailboxes are high security mailboxes.

Each is constructed from a special galvanized coated steel material that isn’t only extremely durable but visually appealing as well.  The steel measures 1 millimeter thick and features double layers at the corners that provide additional protection against mail theft.

Each Bobi Residential Mailbox has an incoming mail delivery slot that accepts magazines, large envelopes and the likes without having to fold or bend them.  In the access door is a keyed cylinder that secures the mail fully, thus, mail and identity thefts are prevented.

Bobi Classic Residential Mailboxes

Bobi Residential Mailboxes are large and roomy enough to contain a week’s worth of mail.  This is ideal for times when homeowners are on vacation or out-of-town.

There are 4 wall mount mailbox configurations and 4 post mount mailbox choices available for Bobi Secure Mailboxes.  The two size options are large and classic while the two mail access gathering options are via the front or through the back.

The Bobi Classic Wall Mount Mailbox that feature Front Access is offered in five classic and beautiful colors – white, red, black, stainless steels and grey with stainless steel.

The Bobi Classic Wall Mount Mailbox that feature Rear Access is ideal for owners who opt to mount the mailbox in a fence.  The well-protected and secured rear access door allows mail retrieval by the homeowner without him or her leaving the fenced yard.

The Bobi Classic Post Mount Mailbox along with the Bobi Round Mailbox Post is a guaranteed head turner.  It enhances the curb appeal of any home.  The curved posts totally resembles the iconic curve every Bobi top has, to offer a unique and secured mount.

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