Locking Mailboxes

by Home Mailbox Expert on August 19, 2011

Mail theft and identity theft are so prevalent nowadays that there is an urgent need to secure your personal mail and documents from the moment they are delivered to your mailbox. While many thieves are now focusing on online identity theft, there are still a huge number of them concentrating on physical mail theft for their unscrupulous acts.

The most unfortunate thing is that you’ll never know you’re a victim of identity theft until your credit ratings have suffered. This is why more and more people find peace of mind in purchasing for themselves locking mailboxes.

Locking mailboxes offer more security features.

Locking mailboxes are residential mailboxes that have more mail security features than their non-locking mailbox counterparts. Recently, these locking mailboxes have evolved into more aesthetically appealing designs that they can also double as an additional decorative element to your home.

Types of Locking Mailboxes

There are locking wall mount mailboxes, locking curbside mailboxes and high security mailboxes available in the market today. Depending on the extent of your mail delivery and collection requirements, you are assured that a high-quality locking mailbox offers you the mail and identity protection you need.

Locking mailboxes are vandal-proof, weather-proof and virtually maintenance free because they are constructed from durable materials that withstand the elements.

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