Mail Package Drops

by Home Mailbox Expert on September 19, 2011

Mail package drops are ideal for situations where mail security and protection are topmost priority. Also referred to as mail package drop receptacles, all mail package drops are USPS-approved for curbside delivery.

Many homeowners and small businesses utilize USPS-approved mail package drops because of their durability and security features.

Protect even your most delicate mail and parcels with a mail package drop. Each unit can hold several days, weeks, even months worth of letters and packages. Even when you’re out on vacation, you’re assured that your valuable mail is safe from the elements, including identity thieves and vandals, at all times.

Each mail package drop has a non-locking front access panel for receiving mail without the need for a key. The postman can just drop the mail into the receptacle and only the key holder can then retrieve the mail. Mail package drops are constructed of aluminum and available in black, green, silver, and white powder-coat finishes.

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