Make Your Mailbox Flag More Visible

by Mailbox Guru on January 4, 2010

Make Your Mailbox Flag More Visible

It’s always great to have a big yard that offers a lot more privacy, however, when it comes to checking whether the mail has arrived or not, long driveways and huge lawns are not really friendly. 

Can’t see if your mailbox flag is up or down?

We all know that when the little red flag is up, new mail has been delivered but what if you can’t tell whether it’s up or down?

Use your old binoculars, perhaps? Getting an electronic gadget called MailAlert is also an option, but if you’re looking for an inexpensive or better yet, cheap alternative, get ready for some improvisation.

A visible flag is a thousand times better than walking to and from your mailbox just to check if the mail has arrived…

If you’re too lazy or busy to take your chance at a Do-It-Yourself improvisation, you can always opt to buy a new flag that you could position at an angle that is visible to you.

But if you’re up to the challenge, then try this ingenious way of tweaking your existing flag and making it as visible as you’d want it to be!

Most mailbox flags are made of plastic. The key strategy here is to be able to bend your plastic flag. Since it’s not easily bent like their metal counterparts, you have to heat the flag’s post with your dependable heat gun or good ol’ propane torch (don’t forget to wear working gloves for safety!) and turn it 90 degrees. Hold the flag firmly in its new position for 30 seconds or up until the plastic cools and solidifies.

Warning: Don’t Overheat the Flag!

If you don’t want the flag to melt, turn black, catch fire or all of the above then don’t overheat it!

The Finish Product

A mailbox flag that has a perfect 90 degree twist! Flawless – no melted portions, no discoloration, whatsoever!

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