Parcel Drop Boxes

by Home Mailbox Expert on September 20, 2011

Parcel drop boxes are designed and built to accept larger, bulkier mail and packages. Mail delivery in a parcel drop box ensures that all letters, parcels and packages are kept safe and well-protected until such time that the owner is able to retrieve them.

With a parcel drop box, worries concerning mail theft and the likes are completely eliminated.

There are various kinds of parcel drop boxes including Cluster Box Units Salsbury Parcel Lockers Match Cluster Mailboxes, Jayco Mailboxes Parcel Boxes, Mail Package Drops, Pedestal Drop Boxes, Pedestal Mount Trash-Recycling Mailbox Bins, Outdoor Parcel Locker Florence Valiant with Stand, Collection/Drop Box with Pull Down Hopper,  Small Free-Standing Pedestal Mount Collection Center, and Large Free-Standing Pedestal Mount Collection Center.

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