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by Mailbox Guru on October 29, 2009

private delivery
Private Distribution is No Secret
It surprises some people that the USPS doesn’t deliver directly to every mailbox in America. The concept of
private distribution can seem even a bit strange; once delivered to a centralized location, it is distributed to individual resident
mailboxes by a property manager or similar entrusted individual.Although a mystery to some, Florence Manufacturing understands the
unique needs of residents who receive privately distributed mail. Whilecertain needs such as keying and master access are different,
other needs,like security, are the same. That is why we apply the expertise gained from our USPS partnership to these private
distribution options – helping ensure all residents receive the same benefits.1450
Standard Features
  • Grouped in combinations of 9, 10,11, or 12 compartments high and 3, 4, or 5 compartments wide
  • 5-pin cylinder cam locks with two keys and 1,000 key changes
  • Clear plastic number slots
  • Private master lock on the 1450 Series
  • 15” deep compartments
  • Anodized aluminum finish
Optional Features
  • Snap-on trim kit
  • 3-digit combination locks
  • 5/8” high engraved numbers with or without black fill numbers
  • Engraved tabs for number slots
  • Lift-off or locking rear cover available on 1550 series
  • Seven door size options
  • Seven powder coat color options
Note: Florence 1450/1550 horizontal series is
for indoor use only, not rated for outdoor use
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