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by Mailbox Guru on October 29, 2009

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Color options
Product Color Options

Note: Pantone colors shown in parentheses for reference purposes. Not all colors available on all products, see
individual product pages for details.

Sandstone (PMS 7501C)
- Flat or Pebble Finish -

Black (PMS Black 6C)
- Flat or Pebble Finish -

White (PMS White)
-Pebble Finish -

Forest Green (PMS 3308C)
- Pebble Finish -

Dark Bronze (PMS Black 7C)
- Pebble Finish -

Postal Grey (PMS 413C)

*Blonde Gold (PMS 7536C)

Silver Speck (PMS 877C)

Gold (PMS 871C)

*Blonde Gold and anodized metal finishes are not rated for outdoor use and are intended for inside installations
only. All other powder coat paint color options available are weather-resistant and may be used for either indoor or outdoor
installations.Paint chip samples are available by request.

Metal Finishes:


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