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Jayco Mailboxes

by Home Mailbox Expert on December 16, 2011

The solid performance and excellent quality of Jayco Mailboxes stemmed from their endeavor of reparing damaged mailboxes. This California-based manufacturing company soon began making Column Mailboxes, Commercial Mailboxes, Drop Boxes, Parcel Boxes, Curbside Mailboxes, Wall Mount Mailboxes, Mailbox Posts, and Mailbox Accessories.

Jayco Industries takes pride in their outstanding reputation for product excellence. Their patented Letter Locker has been one of the most sought-after mail delivery and collection products in the market today.

Jayco continues to focus on superior workmanship and security features, providing homeowners and business owners dependable, high quality mailboxes that last a lifetime.

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Special Lite Products offers some of the finest mailboxes, mailbox posts, mailbox accessories, outdoor lighting fixtures, street signs and address plaques in the market since 1967. A Special Lite Products mailbox is a common sight in American neighborhoods and residential communities.

Special Lite Products create a wide range of decorative and fully-functional products for homes and businesses.

Among Special Lite Products are Residential Mailboxes, Lighted Address Plaques, Decorative Street Signs, Curbside Mailboxes, HID Posts, and Post Accessories.

Visit your favorite online mailbox shop to see the complete selection of Special Lite Products.

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Sturdy and stylish Special Lite curbside mailboxes are crafted from solid cast aluminum and finished in durable powder coat to make them virtually rust proof and maintenance-free.

Hummingbird Curbside Mailbox

Special Lite curbside mailboxes come in 14 attractive colors and finishes as well as a variety of options and accessories.

You’ll definitely find a Special Lite curbside mailbox that will perfectly suit the color of your home. Choose from a selection of top mounting address plaques, ladder rest signs, and address numbers to complete the entire line of curbside accessories.

Titan Curbside Mailbox

Special Lite curbside mailboxes include ten beautiful mailbox designs.

These are the Berkshire Curbside Mailboxes, Boulevard Curbside Mailboxes, Classic Curbside Mailboxes, Floral Curbside Mailboxes, Hummingbird Curbside Mailboxes, Savannah Curbside Mailboxes, Titan Curbside Mailboxes, Town Square Curbside Mailboxes, Vista Curbside Mailboxes, and Traditional Curbside Mailboxes.

Savannah Curbside Mailbox

Complementing Special Lite outdoor lighting fixtures are available.

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Cast aluminum mailboxes are a perfect addition to any home. These durable and high-quality home mailboxes safe-keep letters, parcels and even magazines and newspapers until their recipients are ready to retrieve them. Address plaques also come with some of the cast aluminum mailboxes to ensure that all mails are delivered to the correct address.

There are a wide variety of cast aluminum mailboxes to choose from. Find one that complements your home and neighborhood.

Curbside Mailboxes

Curbside mailboxes are made of rust-proof cast aluminum and feature a powder-coated finish. These lightweight mailboxes require minimal assembly. Give your curbside mailbox a unique identity with brass number that are sold separately. Some curbside mailboxes come with a newspaper holder, address plaque, ornamental post, or a cast horse and buggy design. Double curbside mailboxes are also available.

Heavy Duty Rural Mailboxes, Deluxe Rural Mailboxes and Townhouse Mailboxes

Heavy duty rural mailboxes and townhouse mailboxes come in powder coated green, black, beige and white finishes. Each mailbox includes a magnetic door catch and an adjustable red signal flag. Deluxe Rural Mailboxes are available in beautiful pewter and mocha powder coated finishes. The adjustable signal flag is burgundy. Deluxe newspaper holders are available as an option. These rural and townhouse mailboxes can be mounted on classic, standard, deluxe or decorative mailbox posts, base or spreaders of your choice. All heavy duty and deluxe rural mailboxes as well as townhouse mailboxes are USPS-approved for curbside mail delivery.

Roadside Mailboxes

USPS-approved roadside mailboxes have front and rear access locking doors. They are available in powder-coated silver, black, white and green finishes. Each roadside mailbox has an outgoing mail tray and adjustable red signal flag. Roadside mailboxes come with several mounting options. Optional newspaper holders and non-locking thumb latches are available upon request.

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