USPS approved mailboxes

USPS Approved Mailboxes are widely available in the market today. Reputable online mailbox shops offer residential mailboxes and commercial mailboxes for your hassle-free shopping.

USPS Approved Mailboxes come in a huge selection.

Among these mailboxes are Cluster Mailboxes, 4C Horizontal Mailboxes, Mail Package Drops, Roadside Mailboxes, Courier Mailboxes, Pedestal Drop Boxes, Letter Mailboxes, Locking Mailboxes, and Mail Drops and Receptacles.

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Truly an industry leader in manufacturing mail delivery and collection units, 2B Global Mailboxes is also known for their various home and commercial products such as security gates, chute intake doors, stainless steel water tanks, fire-rated doors, among many others.

2B Global Mailboxes designs and constructs high-quality 4C mailboxes.

Each 2B Global 4C Mailbox has hidden bolts for maximum mail security and aesthetic appeal.  These 4C mailboxes are USPS-approved and are available in single or double-column styles.

Concise kiosk packages and centralized delivery systems are also available. Visit your favorite online mailbox store for the full selection.

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Vertical Mailboxes

by Home Mailbox Expert on September 23, 2011

Vertical mailboxes are ideal for use in office buildings, apartment complexes, condominiums and the likes. The commercial mailboxes are made for replacement and retrofit installations.

Vertical mailboxes are built entirely from heavy duty aluminum and finished in attractive modern colors including bronze, green, brass, aluminum and sandstone.

Various mounting options are available. Surface mounted vertical mailboxes are ideal for limited wall depths. Recessed mounted vertical mailboxes are, on the other hand, ideal for flush mounted installations.

Customization options include numbers and labels.

USPS approved vertical mailboxes keep your mail secured at all times.

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4C commercial mailboxes are USPS approved without pedestals.  However, did you know that your 4C mailboxes can be transferred from the usual wall anchoring and bring them close to end users by simply adding a pedestal?

Although the USPS does not approve 4C pedestal mailboxes, all they require is your local postmaster’s approval.  If your request is granted, which is quite safe to assume, you’re all set to mount your 4C mailbox on a pedestal.

Easy-to-use 4C Pedestal Mailboxes

Front Loading 4C Pedestal Mount Mailbox w/ 29 doors, for private use, not USPS Approved

Many local postmasters agree that 4C pedestal mailboxes provide easier access to mail carriers and recipients alike. These versatile pedestal mailboxes are perfect for commercial and residential applications because of the almost unlimited number of customized configurations available.

Constructed of heavy gauge aluminum and finished in an attractive powder-coat, 4C horizontal pedestal mailboxes are ideal for both public or private use and are vandal, scratch and corrosion-resistant even when exposed to harsh conditions and elements.

Front Loading 4C Pedestal Mount Mailbox - USPS approved w/ 8 doors, for private use, not USPS Approved

4C Pedestal Mailbox Loading and Mounting Options

4C horizontal pedestal mailboxes are front-loading and include an access door with a private, secured lock for mail service and delivery.  Striking silver placards with black numbers are provided for easy door identification.  The tenant doors feature dust-proof, heavy-duty cam locks that are equipped with three keys each.

Pedestal mounting options can likewise by applied on a parcel collection boxes, drop boxes and trash bins.

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