by Mailbox Guru on November 25, 2009

versatileTM4cmailbox suites
No equals. No substitutes. Florence Mailboxes.

Florence versatileTM 4C mailbox suites are known for providing a simple, easyto-use ‘pre-configured’ line of mailboxes which meet or exceed every security requirement of the USPS STD-4C regulation for wall-mounted mail receptacles. The extensive Florence versatileTM 4C product line has the following industry exclusive standard features:
  • Over 80 standard pre-configured modules to select from
  • Configurable options to swap single tenant doors for double, triple, quadruple and even
    quintuple high tenant or parcel doors, creating endless module options
  • Rugged, corrosion and weather-resistant powder coat finish – available in TEN
    architectural colors
  • Thicker, reinforced collection door to prevent break-ins
  • Master loading door has interlocking, overlapping seams to prevent prying
  • Hardy aluminum latching hook on every tenant door
  • One piece extruded hinge to prevent prying
  • Double-latching parcel locking mechanism design for added door security and strength
  • Exclusive multi-unit connector kit hardware option available with every module
  • Ability to swap standard outgoing mail compartment with a larger mail collection
    compartment of either a two-, three-, four- or five-high
  • Solid aluminum mail slot frame protects adjacent customer and collection compartments
  • Customized slot options for rent, video, book drop, etc.

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