by Mailbox Guru on November 25, 2009

No equals. No substitutes. Florence Mailboxes.
Flexibility Without the Fuss
Florence knows there are times when a project requires a little something extra.That’s why the robust versatileTM 4C mailbox suites come with an entire line of accessories and options. Available in the same or complementary architectural powder coat color options, this comprehensive line of accessories provide the flexibility to customize any mailbox installation; adding project unique options sure to please every resident. Plus, whether creating an indoor or outdoor installation, or one mounted in a wall or stand alone kiosk, at the end of their long product life, all materials are recoverable for recycling. Select from these additional industry unique features:
  • Front- and rear-loading units available on all Florence versatileTM 4C modules
  • Surface-mount collar available on all 4C modules creates a sleek, finished look
  • New Trash/Recycling Bin modules now available for most versatileTM 4C suites
  • Exclusive pre-engineered mail shelter kits with aluminum roof trusses, side panels, 4C
    mailbox casings, horizontal supports and high strength steel vertical supports
  • Unique pre-engineered mail station kits with optional solar lights
  • For single module installations, exclusive indoor/outdoor stand alone kiosk kit
  • Custom placards (1-999) or engraving for tenant door ID options
  • Two engraved in-fill color options: black or white (new)
  • Outgoing Mail slot plug kit
  • Combination lock option for private use applications or call us today

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